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Science Popularization Class | How to check and accept the sports wood floor?

At present, many sports venues use sports wood flooring as the ground material. This kind of sports wood flooring is meticulous in texture, high-definition in color, and it is also very wear-resistant and corrosion resistant. So what are the acceptance methods of sports wood flooring? Today's science popularization class will give you answers one by one.
Characteristics of Sports Wood Flooring

1.Wide scope of application
The structure and material of the sports wood flooring can be selected according to the needs of different venues. For example, basketball halls, volleyball halls, table tennis halls, badminton halls, etc. are all suitable for the sports wood flooring, so its application scope is very wide.

The main material is solid wood, which will undergo many times of desizing treatment during production and processing, so as to ensure that the wood will not be affected by the humidity in the air. The wood flooring maintenance of a stadium is closely related to the humidity, which can prevent deformation and cracking.

The weight of the sports wood flooring itself plus the keel will be fixed to the floor during the installation process. The double guarantee of the weight basis plus the keel fixation makes the wooden flooring more solid, so intense exercise will not affect the sports wood flooring.

In order to enable the athletes to play a better role, the sports wood flooring itself is designed to have the effect of shock absorption and energy absorption, which can reduce the impact of sports. Its surface is made of frosted paint. Anti slip and wear-resistant also reduce the light reflection, which is not easy to produce fatigue, and increases the safety in sports.

5. Noise reduction effect
The thickness of the floor itself can well reduce the sound, its abrasion resistance can reduce the friction sound between shoes and the ground, and its shock absorption and energy absorption characteristics, so it has a good sound insulation and sound absorption effect.
Acceptance method of sports wood flooring

1.Surface quality of sports wood flooring:
The surface layer is flat and smooth without gouging marks, ballast and burrs. The pattern is clear and beautiful, and the color of the oil film surface layer is the same.
Inspection method: Visual inspection, touch or foot stepping.

2.Joint Quality of Sports Wood Floor Surface

The gap of the floor plate is tight, and the joints are staggered. The surface is clean, and the seam is straight and square.
Inspection method: Visual inspection

3.Paint quality of sports wood flooring panel:

The panel is smooth and bright, with consistent color, clear wood grain and clean surface.
Inspection method: Visual inspection, Touch inspection

4.Performance acceptance of sports wood flooring:
Generally, the shock absorption of sports wood floor shall not be less than 53%, the vertical bending shall not be less than 2.3%, the horizontal bending shall be less than 15%, and it can withstand the rolling of sports equipment on the site and the sliding coefficient shall be between 0.4-0.6.

Finally, we remind everyone that during the acceptance, we should observe whether the color is consistent and whether there are scratches at a certain distance, because the construction will inevitably cause scratches on the surface of the sports wood flooring. For this aspect, it needs to be repaired in time, if not, it needs to be repaved.