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Colored paint process of sports wood floor gives you different visual beauty

  As the spiritual symbol of the basketball hall, the sports wood flooring color paint process is highly personalized and fashionable, which is popular with the public. It can be described as a beautiful landscape of the basketball hall and the finishing touch to build a fashionable basketball hall. On the wide field, the unique LOGO and pattern are outlined with smooth lines and bright colors, which is like a beautiful painting. It is lifelike and enjoyable!
  Today, Zero Times will take you into the world of sports wood flooring paint technology!

1.The color paint process of sports wood floor shall meet the following requirements:
(1)Beautiful color, with superior color sense.
(2)The paint surface is full and thick. After brushing twice, you can obviously feel more plump than the first time.
(3)There is no obvious graininess, and the painting effect is fine and smooth.
(4)Excellent wear resistance, good adhesion, not easy to fall off Green and environmentally friendly,formaldehyde free.

2.Sports wood flooring color paint process construction process:
(1)Site cleaning: Empty the gymnasium, remove the equipment on the wooden flooring of the gymnasium with a cart, and remove the attachments on the wooden flooring, such as ball line tape, LOGO, etc.
(2)Grinding and polishing: Check the wear degree of the sports wood flooring use a strip grinder to grind the sports wood flooring flat, and then use putty to repair the damaged wood flooring. After the repair, carry out technical polishing work on the sports wood flooring, and use a vacuum cleaner to clean the wood flooring.
(3)Surface painting: After the whole site is cleaned, the floor shall be painted finally. If there are defects on the surface of the polished sports flooring after cleaning, you can brush the primer several times as required. In order to meet the requirements of the competition, the wear-resistant and anti-skid characteristics of sports wood flooring are the first, that is, the friction coefficient is 0.4-0.6.
(4)Color drawing and scribing: After the painting is completed, the floor scribing and LOGO color paint drawing shall be carried out according to the actual needs or customer requirements.
Sports Wood Flooring Color Paint Process Effect Display