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Badminton Hall Project in Dongbao District, Jingmen City (Main Hall 5,700.57㎡, Sub Hall 1150.71㎡)

  Project Introduction
The project is the largest badminton training base in Hubei Province, with a total construction area of 19,410.81 square meters. It is designed with three floors, of which the first floor is for supporting commercial service rooms and indoor parking lots, the second and third floors are badminton halls, and the total building height is 31.3. Meter.
The hall has a main and auxiliary double hall with a total of 34 venues, and the auxiliary hall contains 2 standard badminton pads; the main hall has 32 standard badminton pads, of which 16 standard badminton pads in the training hall on the second floor will be open to the public in the future.
The project is mainly built by China First Metallurgical Group, and Zero Times is responsible for the design and construction of sports wooden flooring. In terms of design, the lighting design, sports floor design, architectural acoustics, and air height design of the badminton hall all meet the requirements of international competitions.

  Product Introduction
Product Information: Zero Times Sports Wood Flooring (LDSD-Ⅲ), Imported Sports Wood Flooring
LDSD-Ⅲ: Meets FIBA certification standards, passed DIN testing standards, double-layered strong sleeper, perfect shock absorption function, can meet various indoor competitions, exhibitions, theatrical performances, etc.
Imported sports solid wood flooring: It has achieved FIBA and BWF certification, passed DIN testing standards, provides excellent elasticity, and has effective shock absorption function. The unified and strong structure makes the performance of the entire floor system more uniform and meets the requirements The user's requirements for the performance, appearance and durability of the floor meet the requirements of all training and international competitions.

  Project Installation
1. Waterproof and moisture-proof layer; shock-absorbing cushion; sleeper layer
Lap-laying method is adopted for the moisture-proof plastic sheet on the bottom layer. The fixed and firm spacing of rubber pads is 450mm. The site is designed as a double-layer sleeper structure with suspended paving. The lower sleeper is laid out along the long direction of the venue with a distance of 450mm. The upper sleeper is laid along the short direction of the venue, and the two sides are laid out parallel to the short side with a distance of 400mm; Reserve a 10--20mm wide expansion gap, and use rubber pads to cushion the sleeper joints.

2. Plywood layer
The plywood installation is parallel to the main sleeper, the longitudinal spacing is reserved 5mm, the Zerotal spacing is reserved 5mm, and the special N17 slab nails are evenly fixed, and the distance between the fixed nails is 250mm. The debris and garbage between the sleepers are cleaned up, and the end surface of the plywood is not allowed to hang in the air; the adjacent parallel load distribution layers are staggered with each other, and the staggered distance is ≥400mm.

3. Moisture-proof and Sound-proof Film Layer
The moisture-proof and sound-proof pad between the rough floor and the surface floor is made of environmentally friendly polyethylene moisture-proof material, and the joints are overlapped and connected by adhesive tape.

4. Panel layer
A unified split-layer paving method is adopted, which is pavement from one side of the wall to the other, and the long direction of the panel is perpendicular to the mat and sleeper, and the imported L-shaped floor special nails are used to fix the mat on the mat. The joints of two adjacent rows of motion panels should be staggered by more than 150mm.

5. As-built Drawing
As the largest and most professional standardized badminton stadium in Hubei Province, Jingmen Dongbao District Badminton Stadium officially opened on September 13, 2019, announced the trial operation, and will host the 2019 Hubei Province U9-10 and U16- for the first time. 18 badminton points match.

The hall is built in accordance with the standards of international first-level competitions and can be used for national team training and can host international competitions. In addition, the badminton auxiliary hall can also be transformed into a variety of venues such as basketball courts and large-scale exhibition venues.